Transportation Services in Uzbekistan. Transportation in Uzbekistan.
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Transportation in Uzbekistan.

Transportation Services
in Uzbekistan

Cars with a driver for hire

Address: 17 Chimkentskaya St,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Mobile: (+99898) 1285667

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Cars with a driver for hire in Tashkent and Uzbekistan (+99898) 1285667


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Private Transportation company "Rent Car Uzbekistan". Rent a car in Tashkent and along Uzbekistan.

Our company Rent Car Uzbekistan has been providing reliable and highly professional transportation service for almost five years, having got perfect reputation not only on local but also international market as well. The driver's service on sedan cars and on the comfortable minibus Organization of business trips along Uzbekistan. Rent a car in Uzbekistan. Rent a car with driver in Tashkent

Tel: + 99871 291 20 29

The Tourist company Uzbekistan TAMERLAN tour - an aurochses on the whole Uzbekistan. The Aurochses on Samarkandu, Buhare and Khiva. Full package of the tourist services

The Tourist company TAMERLAN tour offers You full package of the tourist services: registration of the visas, sale plane ticket, reservation of the hotels, passenger transport transportation on the whole Uzbekistan, transfer in/from aeroport in any city Uzbekistan, facilities professional guide and pr. We can You to offer the different aurochses. The Extreme aurochses on Uzbekistan and Central Asia: Rafting on mountain river,helisky, free riding, and helibording on snow declivity pull Tayn - Shanya, mounted aurochses, mountain bicycles and treking on amazingly beautiful places, aurochses on desert, walks on camel. Cultural aurochses: on ancient city Uzbekistan (Buhara, Samarkand, Khiva) ,Turkmenii (Mars, Kunya Urgench), Tadjikistana (Pendzhikent)

100029 Uzbekistan .Tashkent str.Chimkentskaya 17 tel : +99871 256 66 57

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