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Transportation Services
in Uzbekistan

Cars with a driver for hire

Address: 17 Chimkentskaya St,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Mobile: (+99898) 1285667

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Cars with a driver for hire in Tashkent and Uzbekistan (+99898) 1285667


To place an order you should phone our Operator at (+99898) 1285667 not later than 12 hours before the ride for cars, and not later that 3 days before the ride for coaches and minibuses. In some cases you can order a car not later than 3 hours before the ride, but the company has the right to replace the car with a different one of the same class if there are vacant cars available.

Operator is to fully inform Customer of the vehicle and give him/her the driver�s phone number. Then Operator is to control filling the order. Customer can contact Operator about all the concomitant questions by phoning at (+99898) 1285667.

Customer is to leave the inside of the vehicle clean. Smoking, drinking alcohol and damaging the interior inside the vehicle is forbidden.

Customer is liable for damaging the vehicle.

Company is not accountable for the possessions forgotten inside the vehicle. If such possessions are discovered, they are passed to Operator.

Payments are to be made by bank transfer.

If the requirements of the order should be changed, Customer is to inform Operator of it not later than 12 hours before filling the order for cars and not later than 5 days for coaches and minibuses. As to the latter, Company does not guarantee that the vehicle ordered earlier will be available.

In case the order is canceled or the day and the time of filling the order is postponed, no penalty is to be paid.

If the vehicle that has been ordered is defective, Company has the right to replace it with a vehicle of the same class or of a higher class without changing the hire price.

If the vehicle of Company is broken down while the order is being filled and is impossible to be immediately repaired, Customer is to be provided with another vehicle of the same class. In such a case Customer also has the right to abandon the ride and then is to be returned the part of the hire price that is of the time remaining till the end of filling the order.

Customer has no right to ask for exceeding the speed limits and violating the traffic regulations.

As to questions about filling his/her order, Customer can contact Operator or Company Manager by phone.

The cost of hourly-paid services is determined by calculating the time of rendering the services divisible by 30 minutes

The cost of the services rendered from 23.00 till 06.00 is 50% higher.

For more information phone at (+99898) 1285667 and our Operator will gladly answer your questions.


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